Bruce Williamson

location Exton, PA

A chemical engineer, teaching for 30 years. I enjoy how great cyber-education reaches all over the state. We can serve our students better in so many different situations.

Personal Bio

Growing up I experienced wonderful teaching and a great variety of life activities, mostly outdoors. Math and science were challenging subjects where I could really enjoy working hard to become skilled. Chemical engineering sounded like a great career and the other engineering students I met along the way had the most fun, both in school and out in the mountains. After about 5 years in the chemical industry, I ended up teaching, by coincidence really, when the opportunity appeared for scientists and engineers to become teachers through a special program. I suddenly realized that I had been enjoying teaching all my life already, in Scouts as patrol leader and Jr. Assistant Scoutmaster, in school when classmates needed a second explanation, in the dorms at college, in the wilds-teaching backpacking and woods/trail skiing, as a graduate assistant earning my degrees, in the chemical plants, and in my whitewater canoe club. When my 1 yr old son and I became a single-parent family, I taught him for a few years and when he was older I showed him how to do our hobby of off-road truck building until he became a better welder/ fabricator and started teaching me.

Professional Bio






BS Chemical Engineering
Northeastern University


MS Chemical Engineering
Ohio State University


MS Education
Widener University


CORE SUBJECT: Chemistry and Physics


OTHER SUBJECTS TAUGHT: Physical Science, Math